Commissioning the artist:
Commissioning an image starts around $20, and goes up depending on image complexity and whether or not a physical print is desired.

I don't do chibis, loli of any kind, or beastiality. This is not negotiable.

What I need from you; reference material is good, if you want something very specific. If not, I need a detailed description. Your character has a mole under his ear? A lock of hair that will not stay tucked behind her ear? Wears a furry hat to keep people from seeing that they have pointy ears? I need to know that. Unless the picture is a nude, however, I probably don't need detailed measurements for their plumbing.

If you have any questions, I can be contacted by sending an email to comissions (at) dragonseyegraphics (dot) com. Or join the studio's Discord server.

Commissions: Closed
Appearances: TBA